The Croatian’s Summer Vacation: Roko Ukic Q&A at


I was just browsing my Twitter today, and found this nice little interview with Roko Ukic on I think I played well in Las Vegas, but I can do better. I’m in a position I’m not used to, the game is played differently, so it’s sometimes hard to see where my chances lie. I’m trying to get everyone in the game. I respect the rookies who haven’t had a chance to play in the league and I try to help them as much as I can.”

No, besides being of similar height. Our games are completely different, he was a “killer”, a great shooter, capable of shooting several shots in a row, while I’m more focused on transition and playing in the open court conditions.

What do you think about your new teammate ex-Magic forward Hedo Turkoglou, who is a proven game winner and has experience in playing in the last season NBA Finals?

He’s a player who knows what he’s doing and I’m glad he’s with us. He’s good to follow, he played in the NBA finals. I’m convinced he’ll add something to the team that we didn’t have last year. The team will definitely be stronger with him.

There are many people of Croatian origin in Toronto. Are you happy that you are not completely alone with your family in a foreign land and how was your communication with those people during the course of the season? Do you like the city of Toronto?

I like the city, it’s a bit cold, but its livable. The city is European in that all nations of the world live there, and so do many Croats. I often had their support at games, and am extremely grateful to them for that.


Photo credit: (Photo by Garrett W. Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)