Marco Belinelli & Andrea Bargnani Nike Spot

I must admit that I had never seen Golden State’s Marco Belinelli play until last night’s Toronto Raptors-Golden State Warriors game. I found out that he’s Italian and a teammate of Andrea Bargnani on the Italian national team. I did a little searching and found this Nike ad with both Bells and Bargs. I’m not […]

Raps Can’t Get No Satisfaction, Giving Up 30 to Stephen Jackson

The Raps faced off against the 9-23 Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were losers of three of their last four but their lone win came against an Eastern Conference powerhouse, the Boston Celtics. Raps came off a disappointing loss against the Portland Blazers as they finished their six game Western road trip last night against […]

SUCKA FREE 2: Who didn’t suck in the NBA last week

If you want to see which NBA blogs that didn’t suck check out’s Carnival of the NBA #62 Suprisingly, we made the list. Who didn’t suck in the NBA last week? Here are your un-sucky teams and players for last week: Joe Johnson, Atlanta HawksLast Week: 30.5 pts, 7 reb, 9.5 assists, 1.5 stealsThe […]

We Don’t Need No Water, Let the Raptors Lead Burn!

If the Raps were packaged in a box and had a set of instructions, they would read as follows: Play Well.Build Lead.Blow Lead.Rinse.Repeat. Play Well.The Raps started out well against the Blazers in Portland. The Blazers crowd was loud, the Blazers had the lead until Jose Calderon hit a shot to tie it up early […]

J.O. Caught Fire, the Sucka-mento Kings should call him Sire

The Sacramento Kings are 7-23 for a reason. They’ve just fired their coach, they’re young and rebuilding. The young Kings faced off against the struggling Raps who were fresh off of a win against the Clippers. Last night, Jermaine O’neal just dominated down low against the Sacramento bigs: Spencer Hawes, Brad Miller and Mikki Moore. […]

Merry Chris-Mas!

Cue up “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang and let the streamers fly from the rafters, the Raps have broken their 5 game losing skid! Boy did those Raps ever catch a break. They caught a fatigued Clippers team without former Defensive Player of the Year, Marcus Camby. The Clippers who normally have three bigs […]

SUCKA FREE: Who didn’t suck in the NBA last week

With the Raptors just being the Raptors, we all need some straight up positivity, just some straight up “not sucking” news. So here are the guys who DIDN’T suck last week: Devin Harris, New Jersey NetsDevin averaged 26 pts 9 assists and 2.5 steals last week. He took it to his former team, the Dallas […]

C.B. Phone Home

CB, where did you go? You’ve seem to have disappeared, please come home. Chris Bosh struggled last night going 6-20 as he finished with 12 points. He’s starting to become non-apparent on the floor and doesn’t look like the leader he once was at the beginning of this season. I don’t know if it’s fatigue, […]

10 Interesting Facts About Jake Voskuhl

Ever since the Raptors signed free agent 6-11 centre Jake Voskuhl on Monday, I was excited to get the lowdown on him as he may be the missing piece of the puzzle for the Raps. I’ve seen him play a few times with the Charlotte Bobcats and Phoenix Suns and was curious to see what […]