Tony Parker, of the San Antonio Spurs, has undergone surgery in order to repair a rupture in his left quad, and is rumoured to be facing at least 8 months out, according to a private orthopaedist. Parker is expecting a guaranteed payout of US$15.5 million in his final year next season, and the Spurs are being very cautious with this player. He is almost certain to face harsh restrictions on the court when he does eventually return to the game.

Griffin Indefinitely Out of the NBA

Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers is out of the game indefinitely at this point, after going to into surgery to repair the plantar plate of his right big toe. This injury has brought a premature end to his postseason games, but is not likely to deter the Clippers from extending him an offer for a long-term contract this summer.

Drummond to Take a Month Off

The Detroit Pistons’ Andre Drummond is repairing a deviated septum, after stating that he has had trouble breathing over the course of this season, due to allergies and this injury. It is hoped that he will be back within a month’s time.

George Hill Will Not Need Surgery

The injury that George Hill sustained to his left toe will not require that he be admitted for surgery, and the freak accident should also not impact his free agency appeal at all.

The player had to miss big parts of the season after being unable to shake the injury, and it further resulted in him having to sit out the last 3 games of Utah’s defeat to the Golden State Warriors. It is hoped that a summer of rest and rehabilitation will see him getting back in the game. For now however, the best NBA bets would be those that avoided anything to do with Hill, and punters would be advised to steer clear until he’s back on the court and performing at 100%.

No Exit Interview for Kristaps Porzingis

Kristaps Porzingis did not conduct his Knicks exit interview, and this is apparently because the player was distressed about the drama surrounding the team and how Carmelo Anthony was treated. This move saw a number of teams inquiring about the possibility of a trade for the player, but there is no sign that New York was in any way receptive. Kristaps Porzingis is holding fast to the claim that he was the victim of a hacker, and that this was how his L.A. Clippers followed by 3 smiley faces tweet was published in early May.

Boban Marjanovic to Get More Offensive

Stan Van Gundy has sworn that Boban Marjanovic will be more involved offensively in Detroit Pistons games to take place next season. This is sensible on many levels, especially since Van Gundy has repeatedly stated that he has little hope of retaining likely free agent Aron Baynes. Although Boban managed to average just 8.6 minutes in the 34 appearances he made last season, his healthy usage rate was there, at 27.6%.

As always, injuries playa big role in the NBA and it’s hoped that those players who are having to sit out will soon be back in the game.