Betting on the National Basketball Association or NBA is a fantastic way to add some excitement to your favourite sport. The NBA is a great betting sport because of the wide number of markets available, easily accessible information, and the availability of live viewing of the games. If you are an NBA fan and have good game and team knowledge, the NBA is the perfect place to start your betting journey.

How To Bet

Knowledge of the game and teams involved is one of the biggest advantages you could have when going into betting, like finding legitimate signup bonus real money opportunities on your favorite gambling sites, but it is far from everything you need to know to be a successful bettor. To make a success in betting, knowing what the markets mean and how to use them will be vital. 

When starting your betting, simplicity is always your best friend. It’s always good to make small bets with different markets to understand them better, but for your main bets, stick to the bets you understand.

Different Types Of Bets

The NBA has some of the most betting markets available of any sport in the USA. This can be a blessing for the experienced bettor, and a curse for beginners. It may seem complicated at first, but there are a lot of easy bets for beginners to make use of. These are some of the best bets available for beginner bettors.

  • Moneyline – Moneyline bets are some of the most straight forward bets available when it comes to any form of betting. This is a simple bet in which you place a wager on the team you believe will win. It doesn’t matter if the team wins in regulation time or over time, as long as they win the game. Remember to take note of the odds supplied, as a sure bet may not always be worth the risk if the payoff is small.
  • Total Bets – Total bets are a great alternative to moneyline when two strong teams face off, and you are on the fence about whom the winner may be. The sportsbook will give a base number, which they believe will be the total points scored throughout the game. You will have the opportunity to bet an under or over of this total score supplied by the sportsbook. Keep in mind that these points are a total of all points scored throughout the game, regardless of which team is scoring them.
  • Proposition – Proposition bets are a fantastic sideline bet or just to practice your hand at betting. Proposition bets are often referred to as prop bets and include virtually everything else that does not directly relate to the scoring in the game. Potential injuries, a foul, or even how many blocks a particular player may get. Proposition bets are in a middle ground, as they are much harder for a sportsbook to predict. Sometimes the odds may be amazing and other times they may be less favourable. It’s always worth watching proposition bets for something that may be right for you.


Understanding the odds will be key in finding good value in your bets. Just like knowing the value of Lucky Creek no deposit bonus codes help you to boost your winning chances. Winning bets with poor odds may not be worth taking in the long run. Be sure to understand the odds completely before committing your money to a bet.