Some individuals are perceived as the best in their fields, as they can easily make hearts pound and heads turn. In basketball, some of the best players have been characterized by the fact that they’ve worn some of the greatest basketball shoes out there. Others have been characterized by their charisma and their victorious attitude. Here are 5 of the best NBA players: Basketball fans adore them and might go to extreme lengths to see them. People may spend money to travel to different cities and watch these players live in stadiums, giving their best performance. (You can buy NBA tickets at affordable prices through online selling platforms, along with discounts, no service fees, and other benefits.)

Michael Jordan

Known as the greatest of all times, Michael Jordan is not only the best scorer, he is also a great defense player and the chief competitive spirit the world of basketball has ever known. He definitely changed the sports world by becoming a solo-man brand which is not only fundamental to his team, but to his sports as well. This great athlete is the reason behind the fame of NBA, and refined basketball. Michael Jordan is a six-time champion, 5-time Most Valuable Player, 14-time All Star and 10-time scoring leader. His greatness overshadows many NBA players, who keep trying to match his level and any all-time top basketball lineup would be incomplete without him.

LeBron James

LeBron James has for a very long time been nicknamed ‘The Chosen One’. During his high school days, he earned that name due to his size, athleticism and the love he had for basketball. He showed that he was worthy of that title by excelling in every aspect of this sport, and being the smartest and most complete player in this sports. He holds three championships, four Most Valuable Player Awards, and won the best 3-game run in the NBA Finals. Until now, he is the only player who is closest to snatch the throne from Michael Jordan.

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Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain has achieved 50 points and 26 rebounds per game for a total of 80 games back in 1962. He was indeed the most statistical player of all time. During his career, he has averaged 30 points and made 23 rebounds. Having always stood to Bill Russel who was known as the defensive player, Chamberlain was the first prototypical superstar. His winning optimism and production can never be denied. His advanced analytics in sports has made him an uncompromising legend.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard of all time, and is the ultimate Laker player, which brings him ahead of his former teammate, Abdul-Jabbar. During his rookie season, Johnson brought the Lakers to the Finals, and he even stepped as the point-forward-center in Game 6. Johnson has won the champions awards five times, and is a 3-time Most Valuable Player Awards winner. Having played alongside Jordan and James, this player is the perfect combination of both these athletes.

Bill Russell

He is perhaps one of the most loved player in NBA history with more than 11 championships. Bill Russell is the inventor of the blocked shot, and is the one who opened the league doors for all African-American players. Known widely as the ultimate winner, Russell is a mixture of talent and production. His 11 titles and leadership skills cannot be matched.