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Anyway, as we get ready for the World Cup to begin, here are some amazing goals from around the world…

International soccer star Neymar returned to the pitch for Brazil for the first time since suffering a foot injury in a French league game against Olympique de Marseille back in February.

And it didn’t take him long to show that he’s already regaining his goal-scoring form.

He received a pass on the wing from Coutinho in the 69th minute of Sunday’s exhibition match, and immediately attacked the box. Neymar then faked left and made a swift cut back inside — leaving his defender in the dust — and then blasted home a rocket off the crossbar and in.

It’s fair to say that, like John Wick, Neymar is “back.”


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was held scoreless in the UEFA Champions League final on Saturday.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the match lacked highlight-reel goals.

Ronaldo’s teammate, Gareth Bale, scored one of the best goals in Champions League history to give his club a 2-1 lead, and you need to watch it — several times, in fact.

It happened in the 63rd minute, when Marcelo served in a beautiful cross in Bale’s direction. The Welsh star then finished it off with an amazing overhead kick.

We all love a great bicycle kick, and that may be the best goal in Champions League history. It’s certainly up there.


Liverpool’s back line is nothing to write home about, but it was said that the team’s main weakness was its goalkeeper, Loris Karius.

It turns out that piece of analysis was spot on.

Karius committed an awful mistake at the worst possible time in Saturday’s UEFA Champions League final, and it wasn’t the type of gaffe you usually see in a big match.

After collecting the ball, Karius went to throw it to a teammate. The problem was that he was a bit careless in his attempt to do so, and Karim Benzema blocked the ball. He then shot it into the net, giving his team a 1-0 lead.

It was an awful gaffe, but Benzema was actually offside, and the refs missed it. That goal shouldn’t have counted. Do better, refs, and Karius.