Baseball is a game that has a lot of tradition, fanfare, and fame attached to it. The game of baseball has produced a good number of exceptional stars over the years, and some of these stars have been pacesetters and trailblazers. Take the example of Jackie Robinson, who rose from the Negro Leagues to become the first black player to feature in a then all-white league. Why do you believe that Jackie was chosen to become the first black, major league player? It was because he was a good baseball player, and had certain qualities the Brooklyn Dodgers needed at that time. He had developed himself overtime and became a member of one of the teams to win the World Series for the Dodgers. There are several examples of Jackie and other baseball stars over the years, some go unannounced but the fans never forget a good ball player.When it comes to player statistics, bat reviews, saber metrics to the smallest detail, the fans always remember every detail of the game and its players for a long time. Baseball is a game where a little-known player can ascend to the height of the game in a few years, if he’s good at what he does on the pitch. Of course, it always helps to have the best bbcor baseball bats at your disposal so you can improve your power and performance, as well as your swing. Now, it goes without saying that consistent practice can turn the odds in your favor. However, additional equipment can always be used to practice the skills you need to improve. Whether you are just starting to train or have some amount of experience playing, there’s equipment out there that can help up your game. For example, practicing with a swing path trainer can help you get your movements right and improve your swing. Nonetheless, none of these can be an absolute substitute for regular practice. This is what all the best baseball athletes have done to make it to the top.

First, there are certain habits you need to avoid when you aim to develop to become one of the best players in the game. You may believe these habits will give you an edge over the opponent, or a fellow teammate jostling for the pitch position with you. This may be true to an extent, but the fame will be short-lived if the habits you develop through being a baseball player are unhelpful in the long term. In this article, we’ll show you the habits you need to avoid when you’re determined to become a good ball player.

  1. Using performance-enhancing drugs:

    Avoiding the usage of performance-enhancing medication and other concoctions to improve your performance when you are involved in the sport of baseball is important when you wish to be a good player in the game and stay focused for longer. Drugs and others will give you an advantage of course, but those advantages come with consequences. Athletes in other sports which careers were destroyed in their prime years should give you an idea of what I mean. Sportsmen/women in various sports had very bright starts to their career and even broke records. Some of these sportsmen were even the identity of their sport for years, but when their illicit use of performance boosters were discovered one after the other, they rapidly lost their popularity and dropped from being good players to cheating sportsmen.
  2. Always putting your face in front of a camera:

    Always being in the public eye can limit the impact you have on the field of play. It may cloud out your performance and may even turn you to a controversial character. The sport of baseball, just like any other sport, rapidly increases the popularity of their sportsmen when they perform well. But drawing too much attention to yourself may drown out the voice you should have, on the pitch and nowhere else. Discipline yourself to maintain a low profile, and when the camera focuses on you rather than you focusing on it, embrace it and revel in the moment, then let it go. Nurturing and maintaining a low profile is one of the habits you should learn when you’re intent on becoming one of the best in the game of baseball.
  3. Engaging in distracting activities:

    Too many distractions can dissolve your ability to concentrate on the field of play.Using the internet, social media, gaming apps and other activities which space would not permit me to mention are some of the “distractions in disguise” in our world today. Being too immersed in such activities may derail your ability to keep your attention in pristine form, which is one of the many requirements of being a good ball player. Ensure you minimize the usage of whatever distracts you on the way to becoming an all-time great in the game of baseball.
  4. Avoiding training sessions:

    Lazy players just starting off in the ball game believe that skipping practice for a week or two can cause no harm. This is untrue. Players in baseball are like pencils which require a sharpener to be of continuous use in the long run. So if ball players are a pencil, regular training, that must be completed whilst wearing something like these batting cage helmets, is their sharpener to ensure that they remain relevant to the game for longer. Also, engaging in constant training as a pro has its benefits. Let’s say you’re now a pro baller, companies who manufacture baseball bats can endorse you to use their bats during training sessions to increase theirbat reviews on various web stores. This adds to your income stream. So for this reason, make regular training a habit on your way to being a good player.
  5. Being a tobacco chimney:

    It is scientifically proven that tobacco/cigar/cigarette smoking gradually damages the lungs and deteriorates the health of the liver. Smoking tobacco is legal worldwide but if an individual intends on making it to the top of the game of baseball, giving smoking a back seat in his/her career is a giant step towards that direction. Baseball involves a lot of swinging, running, catching etc. These acts put a lot of pressure on the lungs and make breathing harder, even if the ball playeris not a smoker. Then imagine when the integrity of the lungs has already been compromised and an individual becomes engaged in a sport that requires high energy input. This may make such an individual’s stay in the game of baseball very short indeed, if it doesn’t lead to fatality. Keeping off tobacco and its derivatives help in making you a good ball player and keeping you as one for long. You may indulge sparingly, but not as a do-or-die affair.
  6. Consuming too much alcohol:

    Also, consuming too much alcohol as a sportsman doesn’t help; you may become less-balanced if you are an alcoholic and you may not make it past any trial and damage your chances of becoming a great player even before its beginning.
  7. Not maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

    You’ll notice some baseball players getting fat as they grow older in the game. This isn’t mostly due to their age; it is mainly dependent on the life they lead when it comes to their health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves eating better diets, engaging in more exercise during practice sessions and after aimed at reducing your weight, etc. These practices help you in the long run from turning into a slob in your later years and keep you on the pitch for longer. Exercising in your own time is probably the best solution for staying on the pitch longer, so make sure to go running or join a gym. Before doing this, you will need to make sure that you have some appropriate shoes. Adidas sells some training shoes that could be worn for exercise. Athletes should consider visiting to try and save some money when they check out too. Hopefully, that can save athletes money and allow them to go running comfortably.


There are habits you must avoid if you wish to become a good, maybe great ball player. You have the tools to help your career, don’t discard it and you’ll be grateful you didn’t and find fulfillment in the love you have for the sport of baseball.