Why Microgaming Jackpots are the Best

Whenever you visit your favourite online casino, you can’t easily pass by slots that offer you an enormous sum. To win it, you need just a bit of luck. Still, among all progressive slots you will point out a game that offers the biggest sum of money and is the most reliable. For sure, it will be a slot by Microgaming.

The software provider is a pioneer in the field of online casino games. This is absolutely reasonable why most players choose its games, like Craps, Old wine in new bottle and thus just fill up the jackpot pool. If your device can connect to the Internet and use a flash-player, you are already a potential jackpot winner at Microgaming online casino. In case you don’t know where to find the games by this provider, visit casinobest.ca to check out the best online casinos with Microgaming games.

Jackpot Tournaments

Every year the software provider arranges tournaments for winning jackpots. You can try your luck in such a tournament and compete against other slot players around the world. As you decide to play, you should know that there are three types of jackpots included in the tournaments.

Types of Jackpots

  1. Progressive jackpot slot is a game with the biggest sum of money on the table. Every player that joins the slot and places real money bet is also contributing a percentage of its money to the jackpot prize. Now imagine how big it can be, even if every player bet a single minimum bet. For now, the most popular game Mega Moolah distributed over $20 million just to jackpot players.
  2. Local jackpot slots comprise just one small part of the progressive jackpot. In other words, you can win only on one slot. 
  3. Linked jackpots can be a progressive jackpot. Microgaming has a mega jackpot linked to several games at online casinos. 

Pros and Cons of Microgaming Progressive Slots

Games by Microgaming are highly paying, for sure. Especially progressive jackpot slots. However, there are upsides and downsides in any game. Let’s see what good and bad characteristics the jackpot slots have. Are these Microgaming games really worth playing?

Advantages of Progressive Slots 

  • Exciting to play.
  • A chance to win millions of dollars.
  • Possibility to get max coins and thus the highest payouts.
  • It enhances your casino bankroll and rewards bonuses. 

Disadvantages of Progressive Slots 

  • Large Jackpot games have lower payout rates. 
  • There’s an equal chance of losing the game. 
  • Risk of losing much money.

You can see that progressive slots just as much as regular slots are random. Though there’s one difference in payouts. Regular slots pay you back with a higher RTP. However, if your heart tells you to try a progressive slot by Microgaming, then you won’t find a better progressive slot. It’s worth spending a bit of spare money because this little step can change your life for the better.